We hope you are all well and surviving these trying times. Unfortunately, we will have to do another Zoom Annual General Meeting this year. 

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday October 20 , 2021at 7 pm Atlantic time via Zoom. 

We hope as many of you as possible will be able to join us. We will be sending details about how to connect to Zoom in the next few weeks. In the meantime you can access the agenda and financial documents here.

We are implementing a Common Membership Renewal Date


The next annual membership fees will be due by August 31, 2022 and every August thereafter. 

This date was chosen to coincide as closely as possible with our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the time when most of our membership renewals occur. This change will make it much easier for us to manage membership renewals.

By extending virtually all renewal dates we will incur some lost membership income in this transition year. If any member is inclined, we’d like to remind you that donations can be made independently from membership renewal!

Annual General Meeting | 2021