Greetings from Kingsburg, Nova Scotia! As usual, spring is slow to arrive here but there are signs, including many birds reappearing. Unfortunately, this spring has also seen the arrival of Covid-19 to North America. We are all doing well in Kingsburg but we know that we must remain vigilant and follow all the protocols to help stop the spread of the disease. The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg has closed all the beaches. That means that Hirtles Beach is closed and there is no way to get to Gaff Point.


We have put our plans for our 25th Anniversary on hold and, like the 2020 Olympics, may celebrate next year instead of this year. We will keep you updated on that.


Please stay in touch! Visit our Facebook page, or email us. We love to hear from our members, especially when we cannot gather together physically. 
This past year, the Conservancy was asked to clarify our responsibility for advocating for public access to some areas of the shoreline along the Kingsburg Peninsula. We are mindful of the rights of property owners and we seek to promote access by acquiring our own land, by purchase or by donation. In light of this request, the Board developed a policy that will assist our membership in understanding our role in promoting and advocating for public access to Kingsburg Peninsula’s shores. Click here to read the policy.

The New Normal

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