We wish to extend our warmest greetings and a big thank you to our members and volunteers at this special time of the year.
It has been a somewhat eventful fall here in Kingsburg. In early September, we experienced Hurricane Dorian, which brought heavy rain, pounding surf, storm surge, and severe winds that knocked out power to much of Kingsburg. Many trees were uprooted and the Gaff Point Trail was closed for a period of time until a work party was able to remove some 76 trees that had blocked the trails around the headland. The storm surge was so strong that the ocean breeched some of the ponds for a short period of time. However, unlike Hurricane Juan, there were no lobsters washed up on the shores of Hirtles Beach!
Wildlife stories continue to make news. There have been a number of sightings of what some people believe to be Eastern Cougars in and around the Kingsburg peninsula. One farmer lost 4 sheep in one night which some have attributed to this supposedly extinct feline. However, there has been no tangible evidence that can confirm this. Also, seven Great White Sharks were tagged by the Ocearch group off West Ironbound Island in early October.
We were very pleased to have received this past September, a donation of a half interest in two properties, one of which is approximately 6.6 acres bordering the unused public road from Upper Kingsburg to Lower LaHave as well as a woodlot of 2.4 acres adjacent to one of our waterfront properties on the Shobac. We are thankful to the Congdon and Papa families of Upper Kingsburg for this generous donation. These properties add to our goal of acquiring land along this part of the Coast with the eventual idea of creating a walking/biking trail from Upper Kingsburg to Lower LaHave.
This past year, the Conservancy was asked to clarify our responsibility for advocating for public access to some areas of the shoreline along the Kingsburg Peninsula. We are mindful of the rights of property owners and we seek to promote access by acquiring our own land, by purchase or by donation. In light of this request, the Board developed a policy that will assist our membership in understanding our role in promoting and advocating for public access to Kingsburg Peninsula’s shores. Click here to read the policy.
Stay tuned to our website as 2020 represents 25 years of good work by the Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy!

Happy Holidays from the KCC!

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