We hope that this KCC Update finds you all well and enjoying this summer wherever you are. Kingsburg is alive in brilliant shades of green but much quieter than is usually the case this time of year. Hopefully our summer residents will soon be able to join us and life can get back to normal, whatever that might be.

We have continued to make improvements to our cabin on West Ironbound Island. We have installed solar panels which provide power to the cabin, new windows and a new roof. We continue to host the Nova Scotia Sea School on the island this year from August 19-26. And, we are now only a few weeks away from our first trial Artist in Residence experience. Three organizations are now partnering with us: the Cranston Gallery; Mocean Dance; and HearHere Productions. We see this initiative as a way for our members and the public to experience the island without the benefit of actually visiting it as well as promoting the KCC and its work. The beautiful painting at the head of this email of a scene on West Ironbound is by one of the artists, Sharon Cranston.

We have also been successful in acquiring two parcels of land on the Shobaugh through a donation from the Romkey family. One parcel includes 34 acres intersecting the old public road from Five Houses to Upper Kingsburg. The other parcel is a 9 acre property on the LaHave Shore. With these properties, we are now able to travel from the old public road directly to the shore and provides an opportunity to create a public trail that will overlook the LaHave islands and estuary.

Work continues on the View Lot on the corner of Kingsburg and Hirtle's Beach Road, a joint effort between the KCC and the Kingsburg Community Association (KCA). The Japanese Knotweed has been cut back and replaced with a grass lawn. Gerhardt Property Improvement provided the labour and equipment free of charge and have agreed to also cut the grass at two-week intervals throughout the growing season. Although we will not be able to eliminate the knotweed, it is our hope that we can control this invasive plant through constant cutting. Our board member Jill Trueman has led a group of community volunteers to create garden boxes at the entrance and plant them with plants donated by herself and other community members.

Summer greetings from Kingsburg!