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Donate to Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy

Help us protect and preserve the ecosystems and natural beauty of the Kingsburg Peninsula. At a time of significant global warming, this work could not be more important. ​

Thank you for considering donating to the KCC. Your generosity will help us to protect and preserve the important ecosystem of the Kingsburg Peninsula for future generations. As a non-profit organization, we rely on the support of generous donors like you to fund our work. Any amount, big or small, makes a difference. Your support can make it possible for us to continue making a positive impact in the Kingsburg community. So, thank you in advance for believing in our effort.

Are you a U.S. resident AND need a Tax Receipt?

Make your USD donation to the KCC through American Friends of Canadian Conservation, our partners based in The United States.

Click here to be redirected to their website.

Types of Donations

Recurring (monthly)

If you would like to make a regular contribution to KCC, you can set up your donation to recur monthly.  This means that your chosen amount will be automatically donated to us on a regular monthly basis.


In addition to using the online form to make a one-time or recurring donation with your credit card, you can also donate via e-transfer or by mailing in a cheque. This is a one-time gift that will be used to support our programs and services.

Prefer to send a cheque or use e-transfer? Here’s how:

  • Send a cheque to the KCC at: Box 1, Site 1A, Rose Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada, B0J 2X0.
  • E-transfer to kingsburgcoastalconservancy@gmail.com
    (no security question required)


Join Us!

Your membership allows you to join us in protecting the unique ecosystem of the Kingsburg Peninsula for future generations.

Donating Land

Talk to us about the options for giving land and possible tax benefits. The KCC can issue a tax receipt for the current appraised market value of donated land, and there may also be other tax benefits. If the land is ecologically sensitive, it may be eligible for further tax breaks through the Canadian Ecological Gifts Program, administered by Environment Canada.

We can provide you with information about a new program for U.S. residents who wish to donate land to a conservation organization in Canada and gain U.S. tax advantages.

There are other options for landowners interested in preserving their land.

One option to consider is utilizing a “Split Receipt” approach:  In some cases, the KCC and a landowner may agree on a split receipt arrangement, part sale and part donation. In this case, the landowner sells at a substantially reduced price and receives a receipt for the donation of the remaining value. Such a donation of land allowed KCC to protect a wetland area at Sand Dollar Beach.

If you are interested in talking with us about a possible land donation, please contact us via our email, contact@kccns.org.