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We are successful because of the many people who value the natural beauty of the Kingsburg area and who appreciate the importance of conserving the land and keeping our coastline accessible to all. Donations of land or money, and the efforts of our volunteers, are critical to our continuing ability to meet these goals. 

Tax deductible | Whenever you make a donation of cash, the KCC issues a charitable gift receipt for the full value of the gift, thus all donations are 100% tax deductible, if used within five years.

In addition to cash, the KCC can accept stocks, mutual funds, and RRSPs. This is a great way to give because, if the security is directly transferred to the charity and not sold by the giver, a tax receipt is issued for the current value and the donor is not subject to capital gains tax.

Targetted generosity | Donations to the KCC can be targeted toward a particular project or property, either on the Kingsburg Peninsula or in the neighbouring area. 

Membership | If you wish to become a member of the KCC please complete the
 membership form

Please contact us If you are interested in this method of supporting the work of the KCC.

Donate Money

Donate Land

Talk to us about the options for giving land and possible tax benefits. The KCC can issue a tax receipt for the current appraised market value of donated land, and there may also be other tax benefits. If the land is ecologically sensitive, it may be eligible for further tax breaks through the Canadian Ecological Gifts Program, administered by Environment Canada.


We can provide you with information about a new program for U.S. residents who wish to donate land to a conservation organization in Canada and gain U.S. tax advantages.


Other ways to preserve your land


There are other options for landowners interested in preserving their land - conservation easements and split receipts.


Conservation Easements | When owners wish to retain ownership of their land, but would like to place permanent protective restrictions on use of the land, arranging a conservation easement with the KCC is a viable option.


A conservation easement is a legal tool for land protection in which the landowner and KCC agree on specific, permanent restrictions on the use of the land, and alter the deed to reflect these. These restrictions are enforced by the KCC, as the conservation organization that holds the easement. There may be tax benefits to placing such a restriction on your land.


Split Receipts | In some cases, the KCC and a landowner may agree on a split receipt arrangement, part sale and part donation. In this case, the landowner sells at a substantially reduced price and receives a receipt for the donation of the remaining value. The Rimmingtons' willingness to make such a donation of land allowed KCC to protect a wetland area at Sand Dollar Beach.



We have no paid staff. Everything we do is done by volunteers. There is lots to do and most of it is fun!