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Trail Map

As you enter onto the trail, you’ll first be traveling inland for a fair bit. As the map notes, Gaff is divided into five trail segments. When you get to the Trail 2, you are in an area known as The Saddle, and it has views both of Hartling Bay on one side and the LeHave River estuary on the other.  At the end of Trail 3, the trail forks.  Heading onto Trail 4 will take you quickly to the ocean side of Gaff and its cliff areas and provide you with a view of West Ironbound Island – another KCC-protected property; Trail 5, in contrast, will keep you inland for a bit before you reach the point of Gaff and see beautiful views of the LeHave estuary and islands.  

We hope you have a terrific walk!  In our experience, in most any weather, Gaff Point is stunning!