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The Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy is committed to preserving headlands, beaches, and wetlands of the Kingsburg Peninsula and neighbouring areas, and to safeguarding traditional access to our shorelines.

In addition to the more well-known lands of Gaff Point and West Ironbound Island, the KCC owns and/or stewards more than fifty properties throughout the Kingsburg Peninsula.  Over time, this page hopes to highlight all of those properties.  For now, here are a few of those other significant lands:

Beach Hill Commons is an ocean-front meadow on the Beach Hill drumlin
overlooking Hirtle’s Beach on one side and Kingsburg Bay on the other. It
presents wonderful ocean views and a lovely old meadow for picnicking,
walking and simply relaxing. This beautiful 2.5 acre tract, purchased with
donations by the residents of Beach Hill Road, is open to all for picnics,
painting, and enjoying the view. The Commons also hosts a Bird Monitoring
Tower as part of the Motus Wildlife Tracking System ( www.motus.org ). 

The Commons is found at the end of a footpath accessible from the end of Beach Hill Road or by walking the coastal path from either Hirtles Beach or Little Hirtles Beach. The Beach Hill Commons Association monitors the land in cooperation with the KCC.

Kingsburg Beach is a quiet curving beach with gentle surf. There are three properties in this protected beach area. One was donated by Marina Spidle and her family. Two others were purchased by the KCC, and in 2012 James and Christine Knock donated their share in the Common Lands of Kingsburg, which includes the public access point to the beach. The beach can be accessed from the access point via a short climb over the rocks. The access point is located just off of Mosher Road. No more than three cars, please!

The Kingsburg View Lots: As one crests the hill leading into Kingsburg Village or if you’re heading towards Hirtle’s Beach, the beauty of Kingsburg is immediately comes together in the iconic view of Kingsburg Pond, the Village, Kingsburg Bay, and the ocean beyond.   At the point where Kingsburg Road meets Hirtle’s Beach Road sits the Kingsburg View Lots, a roughly five acre grouping of four protected properties. Three of the lots were acquired through donations from area residents Hazen and Jillian Trueman (2008) and Donald Galbraith and Noreen Channels (2012); the remaining lot was purchased by the KCC (2007). This is a wonderful area for walkers to pause, relax, and enjoy the views of the pond and the numerous birds that frequent it. Recently, in cooperation with the Kingsburg Community Association, the view area was enhanced with rustic benches and plantings and the removal and management of knotweed, an invasive species.

The Murphy Wetlands : The Murphy Wetlands is an ecological preserve of almost nineteen acres that includes wet meadows, old fields, a sphagnum bog, and low and tall thickets.  Bordering on Kingsburg Pond, it is also a significant site for bird breeding and migration. The land was donated by Kingsburg residents David Murphy and Sonia Salisbury through Canada’s Ecological gifts program. While the wet nature of the land does not easily facilitate walkers, there is a small access point and sign just off of Beach Hill Road. 

The Shaubac

The Shaubac is an area of historical, cultural, recreational, and environmental significance and one with important value to the local and provincial community. At over 580 acres, it is one of the last undeveloped large tracts of land on the South Shore and in Lunenburg County. The Shaubac is located on the Kingsburg Peninsula and borders the LeHave River estuary.  Recognizing its significance, the KCC has acquired eleven parcels of land there and, as The Shaubac Preservation Project notes, we hope to protect much more of this unique area soon! 

“Help Protect the Shaubac Lands!”