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statement from mayor

carolyn Bolivar-getson

Municipality of the District of Lunenburg (MODL) 

“Over the past few months, MODL has been working with the Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy (KCC) to secure the purchase of approximately 55 acres of land on the Shaubac in support of our shared conservation vision. We know that conservation efforts work best when it occurs in partnerships and MODL is pleased to partner with the KCC in its efforts to conserve and protect lands on the Shaubac.”

The MODL Council has voted to contribute $300K towards the purchase price of these acquisitions by the closing date, with a further request for $60K to be presented to the Council at its September meeting. In partnership with KCC, MODL will likely be contributing ongoing, additional resources to the design and implementation of trails, and other appropriate forms of public access under the guiding principles of KCC’s Mission and stewarding practices. 

Funding Challenge – We Need your Support!

KCC’s efforts must now turn urgently towards raising the required additional $360,000 before the acquisition closing date of September 30, 2022.

While grant submissions to government agencies and private foundations are already underway, history tells us that a good part of these funds will come from existing supporters and benefactors, either directly or through their connections.  

We are appealing to all concerned to contribute what they can through the donate button below, and to point us to those who should also be hearing from us by contacting us at: Be sure to watch the fund chart below for progress!