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Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! It’s the month of resolutions, of committing to “be the better version of us” and all that…stuff. Okay, I may roll my eyes slightly on the mention of a “New You” but there are aspects of making resolutions that I completely endorse, like a good challenge and doing more things a person enjoys. One of my resolution this year is to be in the ocean at least once a month. Challenging, check. Fun, check!

I also think it’s a great time to resolve to increase our dedication of making the world a better place. So, for this reason, January—with all its resolutions and striving for the better us—is a fitting month to write the first KCC blog post and to choose a topic that offers opportunities for you to make the world just a little bit better than it was is 2018.

So how can we make the world just that much better (aside from the obvious answer of voting in all future elections)? I believe a great way to do this is volunteering.

On the board, I am the person responsible for tracking and organizing volunteers of the Kingsburg Coastal Conservancy. One of my goals with this is to create a database of volunteers from our membership and what those interested members are offering up as their skills and talents. Having this database will allow the KCC Board to access more skills and the ability to draw on multiple volunteers so we can avoid volunteer fatigue with our membership.

Some opportunities we already have for volunteering in our organization are:

· Markets

· Helping with potluck and AGM

· Stewarding

· Monitoring lands

· Joining the KCC board

But we are looking for other skills and talents too! Perhaps you are good at web design or coding, perhaps it’s carpentry or data entry. Maybe writing is your passion (see below). Perhaps you have an outreach opportunity or know of a grant for some opportunity we haven’t thought of yet.

So this is your opportunity to get involved. Let us know what your talents are, help me build my database and then I can reach out with the opportunities as they arise. Big things happen when we work together!

Contact us at kingsburgcoastalconservancy@gmail.com




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